On this page you can look at more detailed version of algorithms that my collaborators and I used for the agent-based modeling in the following papers, and download simulation programs. You can also obtain c++ codes for simulation programs. 

With Jung-Kyoo Choi, working on the first  property rights revolution simulations, 2002.


"The Coevolution of Parachial Altruism and War. Science 319 (26 October 2007). (with Jung Kyoo Choi). [Do it yourself simulation, Execution Instructions]

"The Co-evolution of Individual Behaviors and Social Institutions" (By Bowles, Choi, and Hopfensitz), 2003  [Algorithm Structure, Program, Request C++ Code]

  "The First Property Rights Revolution" (By Bowles and Choi), 2002  [Algorithm Structure, Program, Request C++ Code]

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