Laurie Garrett

Laurie Garrett is the only writer ever to have been awarded all three of the Big "Ps" of journalism: The Peabody, The Polk and The Pulitzer.

Resume Addendum (October 1998)

* Front Page Award from the Newswomen's Club of New York for "Ebola", 1995.

* Newsday Publisher's Award, Best Beat Reporter, 1995.

* American Association for the Advancement of Science Special Citation for Outstanding Journalism, 1995.

* Alumna of the year, University of California in Santa Cruz, 1996.

* Regents Lecturer, University of California, 1996.

* The Madeliene Dane Ross Award from the Overseas Press Club for Best Reporting in Any Media on the Human Condition, "Ebola", 1996.

* Times Mirror Journalist of the Year, 1995.

* Winner, 1996 Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Journalism, "Ebola".

* Finalist, 1996 Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting, "Ebola".

* Presidential Citation, the American Public Health Association, 1996.

* Distinguished Achievement Award, Educational Press Association of America, numerous stories cited, 1996.

* Media Health Promotion Award, The County of Los Angeles Health Services, 1997.

* Best Beat Reporter, Long Island Press Club, for coverage of AIDS, 1997.

* The 18th Annual Joseph Mountin Lecturer for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1997.

* Named "Champion of Prevention" by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, 1997.

* Named "A Distinguished Leader in the Life Sciences" by the National Academy of Sciences, and delivered one of five distinguished lectures at the Academy, 1998.

* Named "National Public Health Hero" by the University of California School of Public Health, 1998.

* Recipient of the George C. Polk Award for International Reporting, "Collapsed Empire, Shattered Health", 1998.

* Honorable Mention, Madeline Dane Ross Award of the Overseas Press Club of America, "Collapsed Empire, Shattered Health", 1998.

* Finalist, Pulitzer Prize for Beat reporting, 1998.

* Recipient of Special Award for "Crumbled Empire, Shattered Health", from the Society of the Silurians.

* Commencement Speaker, Yale School of Public Health, 1998.

* Recipient of the Centennial John P. McGovern Award from the Medical Library Association, 1998.

* Winner, Newsday Publishers Award for Enterprise Reporting,"Crumbled Empire, Shattered Health", 1998.

* Awarded Doctor of Humane Letters, honoris causa by Illinois Wesleyan University, 1998.

In addition, THE COMING PLAGUE was released in Portugeuse, German, Japanese, Estonian and Lithuanian. The British edition, released throughout the Commonwealth nations by Verago in 1995, hit bestseller lists from Australia to the Bahamas. The UK paperback edition was released by Viking Penguin in early 1996 to brisk sales.

And the U.S. Paperback edition, published by Penguin, had a 19-week ride on the New York Times bestseller list. Combined U.S. And foreign sales have topped 500,000.

In April, 1997 Turner Original Productions aired a 4-hour documentary COMING PLAGUE, which Garrett co-produced. The TV special aired internationally in 26 countries, as well as on the Turner Broadcasting System in North America. It was rebroadcast over CNN, both International and domestically, in February, 1998. The program was nominated for the prestigious International Documentary Award.

In October Garrett hosted the five hour PBS series GREAT MINDS OF MEDICINE, which aired on 80 television stations nationwide and was published in concise form in Health magazine.

Garrett was a visiting professor, teaching science writing at the University of California Graduate School of Journalism in Berkeley in the Fall of 1997.

In October/November, 1997 Newsday ran a 30-part series of reports by Garrett on the collapse of public health in the former Soviet Union. The publication marks culmination of a years work, including more than 3 months of travel throughout Ukraine, Georgia, Russia, Estonia and the Czech Republic.

Garrett is currently working on another book, entitled The Death of Health, to be published in 1999 by Hyperion.