Ole Peters

I'm the Principal Investigator for the ergodicity economics program at the London Mathematical Laboratory. I'm also an External Professor at the Santa Fe Institute. My thesis is that the mathematical techniques adopted by economics in the 17th and 18th centuries are at the heart of many problems besetting the modern theory. The problems I'm interested in are those which can be resolved by carefully asking the ergodicity question: does mathematical expectation reflect what happens over time? I maintain a popular blog that also serves as a portal to various Ergodicity Economics resources.

blog: Ergodicity Economics
email: o-dot-peters-at-lml-dot-org-dot-uk

Program Lead for Ergodicity Economics
London Mathematical Laboratory
8 Margravine Gardens
London W6 8RH

External Professor
Santa Fe Institute
1399 Hyde Park Road
Santa Fe
NM, 87501

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