Some working papers. Feedback appreciated.

How Green Was My Valley? Coercion and Contract Enforcement in 19th Century Industrial Britain (with Noam Yuchtman)

Bases, Bullets, and Ballots: The Effect of U.S. Military Aid on Political Conflict in Colombia (Preliminary!) (With Oeindrila Dube)

Recruitment Restrictions and Labor Markets: Evidence from the Post-Bellum U.S. South
Accepted subject to minor revisions at the Journal of Labor Economics.

Coups, Corporations, and Classified Information (With Arin Dube and Ethan Kaplan)

Occupational Choices: Economic Determinants of Land Invasions (with Danny Hidalgo, Simeon Nichter, and Neal Richardson)
Forthcoming in the Review of Economics and Statistics.

The Price of Fertility: Marriage Market Effects of A Family Planning Experiment in Bangladesh (with Raj Arunachalam)

Institutional Persistence (with Sam Bowles and Sung-Ha Hwang)

Equilibrium Selection with Intentional Idiosyncratic Play (with Sam Bowles and Sung-Ha Hwang)

The Economic Impacts of a Citywide Minimum Wage (with Arin Dube and Michael Reich)
Published in Industrial and Labor Relations Review