Aaron Clauset, Ph.D. student. Social networks and models of the Internet. Ph.D. with distinction, 2006, and a postdoc at the Santa Fe Institute. Currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado.

Manuel Lameiras Campagnolo, Ph.D. 2001. Thesis: Computational Complexity of Real-valued Recursive Functions and Analog Circuits. Now a Professor at the Technical University of Lisbon.

Aaron Denney, Ph.D. 2012. Quantum computation, including the Hidden Subgroup Problem and scattering algorithms for geometric problems.

Haixia Jia, Ph.D. student. Hard instances of satisfiability problems. M.S. with distinction, 2005, Ph.D. with distinction, 2007, recipient of a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship. Now a postdoc at Sandia National Labs.

Vamsi Kalapala, M.S. 2005. Thesis: Results on Phase Transitions and Scale Invariance. Now at Google.

Qian Liang, M.S. 2003. Thesis: The Evolution of Mulan: Some Studies in Game-Tree Pruning and Evaluation Functions in the Game of Amazons. Now at Microsoft.

Vishal Sanwalani, Ph.D. 2005. Thesis: Applications of the Probabilistic Method to Random Graphs. Postdocs at the University of Waterloo (with Nick Wormald) and Microsoft Research (with Valerie King).

Munik Shrestha, Physics. Working on nonequilibrium statistical physics, finance, and biology.

Douglas Strain, M.S. 2005.

Xiaoran Yan, Ph.D. 2014. Thesis: Model Selection for Stochastic Block Models. Currently a postdoc at the Information Sciences Institute, USC.

Yaojia Zhu, Ph.D. 2014. Thesis: Community Detection in Complex Networks. Now a Data Scientist at Microsoft.