Software related to the AlChemy project

At present we do not have a plug and play kit complete with manual and tools for output analysis. We do have many bits and pieces of rather experimental character, which are not well packaged. These items need more work before being ready for public consumption. This won't happen very soon, since at this stage of the project mathematical and conceptual development are more important to us than professional software maintenance (not to mention that we totally lack expertise in the latter).

This said, we provide a minimal "package" without much of a documentation (beyond the published papers) for the adventurous among you who are comfortable with software "in the wild".

There certainly are many bugs; please report them (and fixes, if possible) to Walter Fontana. Given our time constraints, we won't be able to provide much of an assistance. However, if you want to make a project out of adding to, expanding, or wrapping up some of the stuff you find here, we'd be glad to provide some guidance.

Thanks for your interest.

base model [~1M]

reactor with lambda calculus - including a standalone lambda interpreter - (in C) and an optional simple polymorphic type system to restrict interactions. The typer is written in caml-light, an ML dialect, whose compiler (by Xavier Leroy from INRIA, France) is included.

lambda-calculus interpreter [~21K]

standalone lambda interpreter in C.