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Some Selected Papers


Complexity Economics

“Economics in Nouns and Verbs"in Jnl of Econ Behavior and Organization, 2023. (Alternative title: “Mathematical Language Shapes how we Understand the Economy,”) Pdf

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"Complexity Economics: A New Framework for Economic Thought," in Complexity and the Economy, W. B. Arthur, ed., Oxford Univ Press, 2014. Pdf

"All Systems will be Gamed: Exploitive Behavior in Economic and Social Systems," in Complexity and the Economy, W. B. Arthur, ed., Oxford Univ Press, 2014. Pdf

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Interview with R. Delorme and G. Hodgson on Complexity Economics, EAEPE, 2002. Pdf



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Increasing Returns

"Positive Feedbacks in the Economy," Scientific American, Feb. 1990.   Pdf

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