The Laboratory for Social Minds


5 May 2015: First dinner of the Lab for Social Minds. Left to right: Bradi Heaberlin (Cognitive Science, undergraduate*; anti-Semitism); Jenny Huang (Mathematics, undergraduate*; coarse-graining the French Revolution); Jonathan Hawkins (Economics, undergraduate*; Nash equilibria and collusion contagion); Alexander Barron (Complex Systems Ph.D.; geometry of discourse in the French Revolution); Torrin Liddell (Psychology Ph.D.; Stag Hunts and common knowledge over networks); Adam Gitner (professor of Classics; co-evolution of language and culture); Jaimie Murdock (Cognitive Science Ph.D.; Darwin); below: Simon DeDeo (friend). Not shown: Ben Kovitz (Cognitive Science, Ph.D.). *Hutton Honors College at Indiana University. Now Economics Ph.D., Yale University.

6 July 2015: maximum entropy production after collaborator dinner with Liz Hobson, Dan Mønster, Keith Carlson & friends (not shown). Penland House, Santa Fe, NM.

18 November 2013: Science Clubhouse Snapshot. Left to right, seated: Luís Seoane (Transition paths in social systems), Torsten Gross (Hamiltonians for RNA; now Theoretical Biology Ph.D., Humbolt University, Berlin), Vanessa Ferdinand (Cognitive science, behavioral regularization; now Omidyar Fellow of the Santa Fe Institute). Photo by Laura Ware.

5 June 2013: first meeting of the Human Systems *. Left to right: Galen Harrison (Old Bailey), Ronnie Garduño (circuit ensembles; now Computer Science Master's, University of New Mexico), Simon DeDeo (*), Sara Klingenstein (Old Bailey, information theory; now History Ph.D., Harvard University), Robert X. D. Hawkins (Afghanistan, game theory; now Psychology Ph.D., Stanford University). Photo by Laura Ware.

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4 August 2014: Garduño & external feline. Photo by Kirstin G.G. Harriger.