Adam’s Apostrophe to Eve appears in AGNI 75 (2012).

The Apostrophe of the Statue of Samuel J. Tilden appears in Typo 16 (Winter 2012).

Two apostrophes, of Robert Oppenheimer to Araki Yasusada, and of Ulysses to a scholar of critical theory, appear in the Winter 2011 issue of Fence.

Ingenious, an interview to accompany When Theft was Worse than Murder (2014)

Derangement Syndrome : 4 from the (North) American Avant-Garde [Mantis 8, Summer 2009.] Essay; Rachel Zolf, Dan Machlin, Rod Smith and Michael Scharf.

While adjusting to life in Tokyo, I produced two brief “podcasts” for the entertainment of my friends and for speaking practice. Pod one [Mind-Mapping, David Foster Wallace, Report from Tokyo, Deep History; 19 April 2009; 12m01s] and Pod two [UV/IR Divergences in William Gibson, Gertrude Stein Speaks [remixed], Renormalization Group Flows and the Phenomenology of Tokyo Cafés; 2 May 2009; 14m17s]. Pod two was featured on Jo Guldi’s landsploitation site, 21 July 2009. On 11 April 2009, I took a bicycle ride through Sangenjaya, and over a few months made an annotated map of some good places in Setagaya-ku.

Between 2004 and 2008, some poetic work appeared in Typo [1 2 3], Gut Cult [1 2], moria [1], horseless press [1], H_NGM_N [1] and elimae [1]. One from a series of apostrophes was featured in Steve Halle’s Chicago-based seven corners; another was made into a video and appeared on Nicholas Manning’s Paris-based Continental Review [1].

Batch 39 and the Deadman’s Switch [Clarkesworld Magazine, 2008]. Science Fiction.

Nathan Collins and I rock out to Titus Andronicus’ “Upon Viewing Brueghel’s Landscape With The Fall of Icarus”
Corazón, Santa Fe, New Mexico. 19 April 2011.

Occasional reviews for slashdot: Matter [2008; a positive review of Iain M. Banks’ latest space opera] and 2.0 [2007; a review-with-reservations of Cass Sunstein’s book].

Some “microreviews” appeared in the Boston Review in 2007, of Susan Briante and Elizabeth Arnold.

Around the same time, absent magazine was started by a collection of poets, artists and reasoner-types — Elisa Gabbert, Irwin Chen, Jo Guldi and I were all involved, and it continues terrifically now that I’ve faded from the masthead. Pieces towards an anarchist poetics [issue one] and ecopoiesis [issue two] appeared there. One of my favorite things we did was print first translations of and by new Russian poets; Eugene Ostashevsky in issue01; in later issues, Eireene Nealand brought Sergeij Kitov to us (in issue02, here, trans. EN & Likka Frenkel; and in issue03, text and a soundfile of Реплика мадам де Сталь here).

(A Magazine of Paragraphs) was edited by Karen Donovan and Walker Rumble, and produced at their Oat City Press. It ran from 1985 to 2005. The final issue (Paragraph #25; Summer 2005), including a full table of contents for all twenty issues, is available here. [18 Mb file; an uncompressed scan of 111 Mb can be found by changing “reduced” to “large” in the filename.] An article on the magazine, and its run, appeared in the Providence Phoenix in 2007.

SWAN (a love story) [30 pages; 2004]. Aleatory. Adrian Wisnicki’s review appeared in the Fifth Street Review. cc by-nc-sa/2.0

A long while ago, I interviewed the philosopher Cora Diamond: “What time is it on the Sun?” [Harvard Review of Philosophy, 2000; reprinted in Philosophers in Conversation, 2002].

Recordings from natural processes. My bicycle commute to the Institute, from East Alameda. Quiet and loud wok (water boiling under a thin film of oil). Embers and flame from Piñon fire. The sound of the coqui frog in Vieques. cc by/3.0.

old school logistic map. An Apple //c implements the logistic map for randomly chosen values of r between 7/2 and 4, set to The Who’s Baba O’Riley.

unauthorized duplication, while sometimes necessary, is never as good as the real thing